THH70 – back to the grind / new works in progress / now showing at LAB ART L.A.!

Hey, everyone! It’s been quite a while since my last blog (March 18th, to be exact), so I felt that things were due for a little game of “catch-up”. :-)

After the close of my last show “some of its parts” at Hold Up Art here in Los Angeles, I felt I needed a little self-imposed hiatus since I was working so hard on that show for over 6 months. So, I vanished for a little bit to recharge the ol’ batteries…but, now it’s time to get back to work!

A couple things going on to share:

  • I’ve begun some commissioned paintings, most notably some work for an absolutely wonderful collector out in Dallas, TX. She is one of the stars of a reality show on The Style Network, and one of the paintings I’m working on will be featured in the season that’s currently filming (once the piece is completed and shipped out to her). More news on that once the piece is completed and I can share photos with all of you. Another piece for her home in Spain is also in the works…
  • My work is now being shown in one of the hottest galleries in L.A.! —- Earlier this month, the nation’s largest gallery devoted primarily to Street Art (and Urban-themed work) opened here in Los Angeles…actually about a 5 minute walk from my house! LAB ART Los Angeles is owned by former fashion designer Iskander Lemseffer, and the place is pretty much a 6500 square foot explosion of TONS of work, mostly by L.A.’s most famous (and infamous) Street artists. The gallery couldn’t have opened at a better time, what with the current “Art in the Streets” exhibit at MOCA and the “Street Cred” exhibit at Pasadena Museum of California Art going on thru the summer. I’m especially happy for my work to be hanging at LAB ART during their next show opening in July which will feature artists like Swoon and Miss Van (a couple personal faves of mine)! The gallery is currently a “media darling”, with glowing reviews from The Wall Street Journal, L.A. Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, and many many more…

(above — 5 of my canvases hanging at LAB ART)

Considering I am not a street artist, I was actually pretty surprised to be invited to have my work as part of the gallery’s offerings, but Iskander was extremely excited when he saw my work for the first time, and I was taken by his enthusiasm for what I’ve been working on, so we decided to partner up! I wholeheartedly encourage all of you to check out the gallery if you’re in Los Angeles…it’s a “must-see”! Ask for Iskander, and tell him that THH70 sent ya! For more info:


Check out video of the grand opening:

LAB ART Los Angeles – Grand Opening from LAB ART Los Angeles Gallery on Vimeo.

***Some other projects are in the works right now, including a new collaboration with my friend C. Kirk, as well as an upcoming group show early next year here in L.A. that’s curated by Stephanie Chefas of art blogsite Platinum Cheese fame. But, those and other tidbits will just have to wait until next time!  ;-)


Until then,

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THH70 in “LYRIC” Group Show in Detroit– Opens Tomorrow 3/19/11!

LYRIC“, the utterly FANTASTIC group show that I am participating in, opens tomorrow night, Saturday, March 19th at 323 East Gallery in Royal Oak, Michigan (Detroit Rock City, people!!). :-)

Curated by my friend and fellow artist Glenn Barr (who I first met at our show together in Dallas, TX in January 2010), LYRIC is a show based on music, plain and simple, and how the power of lyrics can (and will) speak to you. The theme of the show really hits home for me, as my work relies so heavily on how words are used…or misused. ;-) FULL DETAILS OF THE SHOW / ONLINE PREVIEW!

The show is ridiculously amazing — the line-up of artists that Glenn got is probably the best roster of artists I’ve ever been in a show with (and that’s saying a lot): Jeff Soto, Gary Taxali, Cammy D’Errico, Travis Louie, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Chet Zar, Brandi Milne, Bask…the list goes on and on. My FAVORITE part about the show is that my good friend Joey Seeman is also in it, who was also in the show with Glenn and I back in Dallas. The Three Amigos strike again!!! LOL

I highly stress that if you’re in the Detroit area this weekend (or thru the show’s run, ending on April 19th), that you head over to check it out. If you cannt attend, here is the link to the special online preview to view all the work. CLICK HERE!

If you’re interested in purchasing, contact April Segedi at or via phone at 248//246//9544.

My painting for the show is entitled “Runaway Train”, measures 12 x 12″, is mixed media on canvas, priced at $825.00, and is based on a lyric from the Prince song “When 2 R In Love” that appeared on his 1987 “Black Album”, as well as the 1988 album “Lovesexy”. To listen to the song, CLICK HERE!


***In other show news, my current show in Los Angeles, “some of its parts” is still going strong!***

The show continues thru March 31st, so hit up Hold Up Art Gallery if you’re in L.A.! If not, check out the ONLINE PREVIEW and e-mail me to check on availability of any work you’re interested in…


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THH70’s “some of its parts” Opening at Hold Up Art Gallery — RECAP/PHOTOS!

I’ve been receiving a bunch of e-mails from people, asking how the opening was this past Saturday of my show “some of its parts” at Hold Up Art Gallery in Los Angeles, so I figured a little blog post was in order. :-)

Thank you so much to all of those that came out! It was my favorite type of turnout: a nice steady flow of people — busy enough enough that I was always meeting and talking with people throughout the entire night, but not SO crazy that I felt like a ragdoll being pulled from person to person, having to abruptly end conversations (I’m not a big fan of that).

All sorts of  people came to experience what I had been cooking up for my first L.A. show in 4 years: everyone from Stephanie Chefas of art blog Platinum Cheese, to arts reporter Rick Wilkinson of The Fight Magazine (who actually surprised me that day by purchasing a canvas! thanks, Rick!)…to all my close family…to longtime friends (including one that I hadn’t seen in 22 years!! Thanks for coming, DW!) Each and every one of you made the evening such a special night!

A special thank you to artists Sfaustina, Allison Torneros, and Jeru: it was an honor having the three of you as special guest artists in the show. Your work is amazing!

To view photographs of the night, click on one of these links:

For those of you that couldn’t make the opening, the show will be on exhibit until March 31st, so make sure to head downtown to the gallery to check it out…you won’t be sorry!  :-)

If you would like to view the online preview of the show and take a gander at all my work in the show, including my first-ever limited edition print, CLICK HERE…if there are some pieces that tickle your fancy, E-MAIL ME or Brian Lee at the gallery to check on availability.

Again, thanks to everybody that made the night such a special one! I appreciate your continued support! :-)

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TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! THH70’s “some of its parts” at Hold Up Art Gallery – Los Angeles!

What can I say that I haven’t already said?  :-)

Tonight is the big night, and I hope that those of you in Los Angeles will find your way down to Hold Up Art Gallery to check out my show, as well as marvel at the works of Sfaustina, Allison Torneros, and Jeru — the 3 ridiculously talented artists that I selected to join me in my first solo show in L.A. in 4 years! The gallery is located at:

358 East 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 in the Little Tokyo section of downtown!

This last week has been extremely hectic as the final days leading to the show approached, but, it’s been worth it — there’s been a huge surge of word of mouth, and all of the Facebook posts and Twitter “retweets” and such have been really amazing. Various art sites, magazines and culture blogs have been getting into the mix, too, so I wanted to take a second to especially thank Stephanie Chefas of Platinum Cheese, David Alexander Willis of Wreck the Tape Deck, Stanford Altimirano and Rick Wilkinson at The Fight Magazine, Donald McMillan at Schmap / Los Angeles, and Andrew Hosner over at Sour Harvest for all of their coverage. For all the others who listed the show in their periodicals, posted on Facebook, tweeted & retweeted on Twitter, etc, etc, I thank you so much!

For those of you that are not in Los Angeles and sadly cannot attend tonight’s festivities, the show will be on exhibit thru March 31st.

Also, if you would like to view a special online preview to check out all of the pieces available at the show (2 dozen of ’em!):


If there are any pieces you are interested in, feel free to E-MAIL ME, or contact Brian Lee at Hold Up At Gallery at 213.221.4585.

I hope to see many of you tonight!  :-)

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Twitter / Facebook Contest! THH70 is giving away a one-of-a-kind signed print!

In honor of my upcoming show “some of its parts”, opening at Hold UP Art Gallery on Saturday, March 5th (CLICK HERE for more information), I decided to celebrate the event with a very special contest for all of you fellow Twitter & Facebook friends — I’m giving away the above signed print! A one-of-a-kind printer’s proof! This print is the 8 1/4 x 10 1/4″ “mini-print” of the full-sized ltd. edition print I will be releasing at my show.

Here are the rules:

  • To enter via Twitter, simply tweet or retweet the following: RT @thh70 is giving away a free one-of-a-kind print! For details:
  • To enter via Facebook, enter the following status update: THH70 is giving away a free one-of-a-kind print! For details: (please note, to enter the contest via Facebook, you must first “like” the THH70 Facebook page at , and when you enter your status update, click the “@’ key and then type THH70 to select it in the pulldown menu to “link” the text to the THH70 page. This is how I will be able to keep track of your entry!)
  • The contest runs starting today, Thursday, Feb. 17, and runs thru Saturday, March 5th (the date of the opening).
  • You are allowed to enter once per day, so keep on entering every day! If you post/tweet more than once per day, I still will only count one entry (but thanks for the publicity!)  :-)
  • On Sunday, March 6th, I will randomly select the winner and ship you the print! That’s it! :-)

If you don’t happen to win, don’t feel bad — the full-sized 18 x 24″ print of this piece is being released! It is in a very limited edition of only 37 signed & numbered pieces, and is priced at $150.00. To reserve / purchase yours now, contact Brian Lee at Hold UP Art at or 213.221.4585

Most of all, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, I hope that you will come down to Hold UP Art on Saturday, March 5th and attend the opening! I would love to see you there! To view the Facebook invite for the show, CLICK HERE

If you would like to be on the list to receive a special online preview of the show and have first crack at the work before the actual opening, e-mail either myself or Brian Lee, and we will make sure you receive one!

Good luck!

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THH70 in Hold Up Art Gallery’s 1st Anniversary Group Show – Opening This Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011 / L.A.!!

I’ve working diligently to finish the remaining new work for my upcoming show “some of its parts” opening March 5th at Hold Up Art Gallery in Los Angeles. What some of you might not know is that Hold Up is relatively new on the L.A. gallery scene, opening in February 2010…and they’ve been coming out HARD, putting on some great exhibitions.

So, this month, they are celebrating their one year anniversary with “UNO – Hold Up Art Turns 1!”, a group show that includes not only a selection of artists that have shown there in the past year, but ones that will be showing in 2011 as well…including yours truly! :-)

I will have several paintings available in the exhibit, and I’m really looking forward to it. Over the last few months while preparing for my March show, I’ve been spending a lot of time recently with the gang over at the gallery and they’ve become like a second family to me (this means you – Brian, Ben, Jessica, and Caitlin!), and I’m thrilled to be a part of this special celebration. Plus, this will be kind of like a “little preview” of what’s to come when MY show opens there on March 5th! :-)

Some fantastic artists will be in this show, and I guarantee it will be a fun night. So, if you’re in Los Angeles this weekend, head on downtown to Hold Up Art and say hi! I’ll be there!

For all the details, CLICK HERE or click the image below!


See you there!

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Official Info for March 5, 2011 THH70 Show @ Hold Up Art Gallery / Los Angeles!


Philosophy + Linguistics + Paint = Urban Contemporary Art?

Artist THH70 solves the equation in upcoming Los Angeles exhibit

Los Angeles, California – January 13, 2011—Hold UP Art Gallery in downtown Los Angeles presents “some of its parts”, an exhibit of new work by internationally recognized artist THH70. The exhibit marks the artist’s return to the L.A. gallery stage with his first full-blown Los Angeles show in 4 years. The exhibit opens on Saturday, March 5, 2011 from 7:00 – 10:00pm, with the artist in attendance. The art of THH70 will be accompanied by the work of 3 emerging artists — SFaustina, Allison Torneros, and Jeru Gabriel. The exhibit continues thru March 31st.

An L.A. native, THH70 was born in 1970, but the persona of his nom de guerre was conceived in 1994 as a stage name for his other career as a recording artist. He is now an accomplished visual artist, with his works in private and corporate collections on every continent.  Since 2000, THH70 has shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums across the United States, the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom. He has appeared in print and online publications worldwide, and has sold over 1300 original mixed media pieces.

THH70 is recognized for his unique artistic approach that he has branded “Lo-Fi Urban Contemporary,” combining crude painterly techniques and utilizing materials and media (that include everything from acrylics and spray paint to household products like Windex, bleach and X-14 mildew remover) with his own style of raw, yet detailed illustration and stream-of-consciousness linguistics.

Brian Lee, co-owner and curator of Hold UP Art explains, “THH70’s lack of conventional representation coupled with his witty tag lines are a breath of fresh air in the L.A. art scene, a field hell bent on icons and catchy characters. ‘some of its parts’ highlights a trend in Contemporary Art that is a reaction to the super flat and super clean matte aesthetic of superstars like Takashi Murakami and Shepard Fairey.  THH70, Torneros, SFaustina and Gabriel question the tendencies of contemporary ‘design’, and say the dirty, messy, and organic can still further the notions of 2D design in fine art, and our visual culture.”

In describing the upcoming exhibit, THH70 says, “After spending the last 4 years exhibiting outside of Los Angeles, I want the show to be a homecoming of sorts: to display the evolution of my work since I last presented it here, but to also do it in a way where I could include the work of several artists whose individual style has remnants of the overall feel of the paintings I create, in essence being ‘parts’ of my ‘whole’. ‘some of its parts’ is that show, and I’m thrilled to be able to unleash it at Hold UP Art.”

To commemorate the celebratory nature of the show, Hold UP Art and THH70 will be releasing an accompanying print in a very limited edition of 37. This will be the very first print that THH70 has released in his 11 year career.

Opened in February 2010 and located in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles, Hold UP Art Gallery is an independent art space, curating exhibitions year-round of working Pop and Urban artists. Focused on participation and accessibility, Hold UP offers a revitalized environment for dialogue between artist and audience.

Hold UP Art is located at 358 E. 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. For more information on Hold UP Art, please visit or contact Brian Lee at or (213) 221-4585. For more information on THH70, please visit


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Happy New Year from THH70 + Ltd. Ed. Print Release News (1st Ever!)

Happy 2011, everyone! I trust you all had a wonderful New Years — whether it was spent on vacation, with family & friends, or just doing something you enjoyed, I hope it was all that you had wished it to be! (And if not, there’s always next year)  ;-)

After the dust finally settled from the holiday season, it’s right back to work for yours truly. I’m really looking forward to sharing some great stuff with you this year: I have some fantastic shows lined up in the coming months, and I’m excited about the work I’m creating for them.

Probably the show I’m most looking forward to within the next couple months is my exhibit at Hold UP Art Gallery in Los Angeles, entitled “some of its parts”, and opening March 5th! This coming week, the official “press blitz” about the show will begin, but I’m really enthusiastic about one part of it: I’ll be releasing my very first limited edition print! Yep, after over a decade, it’s finally happening! During a recent meeting with the gallery, we decided that the exhibit was going to be so special (it’s been 4 years since my last gallery show in L.A…a proper homecoming!), that it would be great to commemorate it with a very limited print.

Soooooo, today I dropped off the original canvas of my piece “blather. wince. REPEAT.” to the gallery (shown below), and high quality prints are being made…and in a very limited signed & numbered edition of only 37 pieces. The original canvas (which will also be available at the show) measures 24 x 30″, but I believe the prints will be a healthy 18 x 24″!

As this will be my very first limited edition print, I’m using it as a “litmus test” to determine whether I’ll be making more prints in the future, but I think that’s a very distinct possibility, as after I made mention today on Twitter that I would be releasing a print, I’ve already had several people want to reserve one, if not two of them! So, this is going to be a very interesting experiment for me…

**If you’d like to reserve one of the 37 prints, feel free to contact Brian Lee, curator & co-owner of Hold UP Art Gallery, and let him know you’re interested in one of the pieces. You can contact him via e-mail at or by phone at 213.221.4585.

They recently revamped their website as well (looks great!), and 8 paintings of mine are now available via their website at, as well…

One last thing: last month I started a Tumblr blog! I take so many photos and find so many weird things when I surf the web, I wanted an outlet to post them, so I created a Tumblr. It’s not like this blog that you’re reading right now…the Tumblr is basically just a photo journal of me and my life and little things I find online that I deem interesting, freaky, etc, etc. So, check it out…follow me on Tumblr at! Enjoy!

Here’s to a rockin’ 2011 filled with love, peace, health, and happiness!!!

Many thanks,

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Happy Holidays from THH70! Free Shipping on all orders thru Dec. 31st!

Just my way of spreading a little bit of holiday cheer —


From now until December 31st, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all art purchases! Works on paper — on canvas — large-sized pieces — smaller-sized pieces — everything!

(To insure that your purchases get to you in time for Xmas, get your orders in by Wednesday, December 15th…otherwise I can’t guarantee they will get there in time…)

I’ve never done this kind of holiday special before, but I thought I would do a little something to show my appreciation for all of your support over this last year…so, thank you! :-)

So, head on over to my website and check out all the work that’s currently available…enjoy! ‘Cuz shipping is “on the house”… :-)

Just click the image below!


Happy Holidays!!!

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More THH70 Gallery Shows Added + News + New 24×30″ Painting!

Hello, everyone!

Well, another year has flown by, and we’re now deep in the midst of Holiday Season 2010!

Lots of new developments over the past few weeks over here, so I thought it was time for a new entry to get everyone up to speed…and awaaaaaay we go:

  • March 2011 L.A. Gallery Show – I am very proud to announce the 3 artists that I have selected to be a part of my upcoming show at Hold UP Art Gallery in Los Angeles, opening Saturday, March 5, 2011! The artists are Sfaustina, Jeru Gabriel, and Allison Torneros! Not only are all three of them members of AOA, the artist collective I started in 2001, but each of their work has elements of theme, technique, and narrative that provide a balance along with the work I will be showing in the show. This upcoming exhibit will explore some pretty distinct areas of New and Urban Contemporary work, and I cannot wait for you to experience what the 4 of us have in store for you! For more information on the show, check out this previous blog entry I posted.
  • January 2011 NYC Gallery Show – Coming next month in New York City: I am thrilled to be participating in the “Postcards from the Edge” charity exhibit taking place January 8-9, 2011, hosted by CRG Gallery! Postcards From the Edge is a Visual AIDS benefit show and sale of original, postcard-sized works on paper (4 x 6″) by established and emerging artists (some extremely well-known artists are taking part, such as Jeff Koons, John Baldessari, Ross Bleckner, Yoko Ono, and over 1500 more!). All works are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The works are signed on the back and exhibited so the artists’ signatures cannot be seen. While buyers receive a list of all participating artists, they don’t know who created which piece until purchased. All proceeds support the programs of Visual AIDS. Visual AIDS utilizes art to fight AIDS by provoking dialogue, supporting HIV+ artists, and preserving the legacy — because AIDS IS NOT OVER! For those of you that will be in NY, I hope you attend!
  • *JUST ADDED* March 2011 Detroit Gallery Show – I will be exhibiting a new painting in “LYRIC – A Group Show” at Gallery 323 East in Detroit, MI, opening March 19th! This group show, curated by famed artist (and friend) Glenn Barr is a special “themed” exhibit. Music and its lyrics can always stimulate our emotions and it can have us contemplating a visional narrative. Lyrics have been known to be the fodder of some of the greatest works in the world. This exhibition will illustrate the artists personal transcription from a songs lyric to canvas, and each artist will be creating a special 12 x 12″ (LP album cover sized) work for the show!
  • New Painting – I’ve been painting like crazy for all the upcoming shows, as well as to replenish my own “inventory” with the new, more heavily layered style of work I’ve been digging into. The latest creation completed is entitled “blather. wince. REPEAT.”, a 24 x 30″ canvas (image & detail shots below). The piece is up for grabs and available on my website. Please E-MAIL ME directly for pricing and availability.

detail 1

detail 2

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season…2011, here we come!

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